School History
Per article in the Port Arthur News, Sunday Sept 7, 1952.

The Colleens had there beginnings in 1947. Miss Sarah Lang
who later married John W. Steck and became Mrs. Sarah Steck
was the first director and was with the Colleens until 1955.
She also served as the Physical Education instructor
during those years. Looking at the annual from St. James
of 1948 it appears that the Colleens were first called "The
St. James Red Cardinals."

The article goes on to state that the colleens are proud of
their instruments, which they bought with money of their
own making. The drums are a shiny type of mother-of -
pearl which shines brilliantly in the sunlight or under
stadium lights. The bugles are a non-tarnishing chrome

Mary Andrus took over as Colleen director in 1955.

The head football coach was Del Coe from Fall 1945
through Spring 1951. The team started out at St. James.
The 1950 team flew to Rochester, New York to play
the Aquinas Lumberjacks loosing 21-51.

Moe Richmond took over as coach in 1951, assistant coach
was Jimmy Bulls. They took the Shamrocks to the State championship in 1952.