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Family with most graduates (total incl. parents): Edgerly (11)
Family with most graduating classes: Edgerly (11)
Family with most valedictorians: McGill (3)
Family with most salutatorians: Borne(3?)
Family with most Colleens:
(including mother)
Borne (5)
Edgerly (5)
Family with most cheerleaders:
(including mother)
Webre (6)
Jo Ann Beaugh Webre--49-50
Karen Webre Begnaud--70-71
Donna Webre Forster--71-72
Jennifer Webre Boehme--79-80
Ellen Webre Angelini--82-83
Cindy Romero Webre--73-75
Family with most majorettes and drum majors:

Begnaud (3)
Vickie Begnaud
• Majorette 71-72 & 72-73
• Head Drum Major 73 & 74
Cindy Begnaud

• Majorette 77-78
• Head Drum Major 78-79
Debbie Begnaud

• Majorette 81-82
• Asst Drum Major 82-83

Family with first class and last class graduates: Deshotels
Family name with most graduates: Broussard (62)
Hebert (52)
Landry (51)
Class with most graduates: 1965 (174)
Class with most e-mail addresses: 1959 (69)
Class with most e-mail addresses percentagewise: 1977 (82%)
Class producing most priests: 1976 (3)
Only Yearbook not green or white: 1978 (Orange)
1956 CavOilCade Parade Queen
Darelene Jacobs
1958 CavOilCade Parade Queen
Ann Brannon
1959 CavOilCade Parade Queen
Trinell Dufour
1961 CavOilCade Parade 2nd runner-up Virginia Bihm
1965 CavOilCade Parade Queen,
1st & 2nd runner-ups. (All BBHS)
Alice Dumesnil
Sharon DeLee
LaNell Bourgeois
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